Zero Order Waveplate
The zero order waveplate is designed to give a retardance of zero full waves, plus the desired fraction. Zero order
waveplate shows better performance than multiple order waveplates. It has broad bandwidth and a lower sensitivity
to temperature and wavelength changes. It should be considered for more critical applications.

Material:   Crystal Quartz
Standard Wave:  quarter-wave(λ/4), half-wave(λ/2)
Dimension tolerance:   +/-0.1mm                       
Wavefront distortion:  λ/8@632.8nm                      
Retardation tolerance:  λ/300                          
Parallelism:   <1 arc second                              
Surface quality:   20-10                                 
Clear aperture:   >90% central area                          
AR coating:  <0.2% @wavelength  
Standard size Φ5 Φ10 Φ12.7 Φ15
Φ20 Φ25.4 Φ30 Φ38.1
266nm 355nm 532nm 632.8nm 780nm 808nm
850nm 980nm 1064nm 1310nm 1480nm 1550nm

Zero Order Waveplates-Cemented by Epoxy
Zero Order Waveplate-Air-spaced is constructed of two multiple order waveplate with their axes crossed. Thus, the effect
of the first plate is canceled by the second, except for the residual difference between them.

Zero Order Waveplates-Optically Contacted
Zero order optically contacted wave plates are supplied mounted and have multilayer dielectric anti-reflection coating on
both sides maximising transmission.

•easy to align
•temperature insensitive
•moderate insensitive to wavelength
•made from high quality optical grade crystalline quartz
•quarter wave and half wave retardation versions available
•suitable for high and low power laser applications
Zero Order Waveplate -Air-spaced
Zero Order Waveplate-Air-spaced is made from two pieces of crystal quartz with highly efficient broadband antireflection
coatings in an air spaced design.

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