Ge Window
Germanium (Ge) is the preferred lens and window material for high performance infrared imaging systems in the 8–12 um wavelength band.


Parameters Commercial grade Precision grade
Substrate Material N Type <111>, Resistivity 5 - 40 ohmcm
Diameter Tolerance +0/-0.10mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.10mm
Clear Aperture >Central 90% of diameter
Surface Quality 60-40 S/D 40-20 S/D
Parallelism 3~5 arc min 1 arc min
Surface Flatness 1λ per 25mm λ/4 per 25mm
Chamfer 0.15~0.35mm×45°
Coating Uncoated, DLC , AR


Note for Ge Window:
(1). Please specify the material and resistivity
Custom-made Ge windows at any size are available.
Besides round, shape of quadrate, triangular, or other polygonal are available.
(2). Thickness from 1.0mm to 80.0 mm is available upon request.
(3). Better bevel is available upon request.
(4)Ge Windows with Anti-Reflective(AR), High-Reflective(HR), DHL coating are available.

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Mr. Wen