Dispersion Prisms
Dispersion Prisms are used in applications that require separating the incident light into its component wavelengths.
For example, when white light enters a Dispersion Prism, it is separated into its three components: red, green, and
blue. Dispersion Prisms are ideal for spectroscopy or laser tuning.
Material:  N-BK7, N-SF11 Grade A optical glass,
              UV grade fused silica
Angle:  θ=60°
Angle tolerance:  ±3 arcmin
Dimensional tolerance: +/-0.1mm
Surface quality:  40-20
Flatness: λ/4@632.8nm
Clear Aperture: >80%
Bevel:  Protective
Coating:  Optional
Typical Sizes:
Part NO. A=B=C(mm) H(mm) θ
UDPP001 15 15 60°
UDPP002 20 20 60°
UDPP003 25.4 25.4 60°
UDPP004 30 30 60°
UDPP005 38.1 38.1 60°
UDPP006 50.8 50.8 60°

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